2006-141-syllabus - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 141...

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Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 141 - Fall 2006 Instructor: Professor Jhih-Wei Chu l01A Gilman Tel: 510-642-4398 E-mail: jwchu@berkeley.edu Graduate Student Instructors: Ms. Lauren Miller B71 Tan Hall Tel: 510-642-4923 E-mail: lmiller@berkeley.edu Mr. David Sivak 4 Gilman Tel: 510-643-7318 E-mail: sivak@berkeley.edu Textbook: Smith, J.M.; Van Ness, H.C.; Abbott, M.M., "Introduction to Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics"; 7th Edition; Mc Graw-Hill: New York, 2005. Lecture Hours: Monday,Wednesday,Friday 9-10am 50 Birge Discussion sections: 101 Tuesday 4-5pm 45 Evans (Miller) 102 Thursday 1-2pm 105 Latimer (Miller) 103 Wednesday 12-1pm 39 Evans (Sivak) 104 Wednesday 1-2pm 433 Latimer (Sivak) Course Website: Log on to http://eres.berkeley.edu . Click on STUDENTS: FIND Course Materials on Electronic Reserves. Then select Chemical Engineering. The course page is listed under either Chu, Jhih-Wei as the instructor, or you can enter 141 as the course. The password for the class is currently thermo06. Homework problems and solutions and announcements will be posted there. Prerequisites: 140 with grade of C- or higher; Engineering 77, Computer Science 9A or 61A, or an acceptable computer programming transfer course for science or engineering students.
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Office Hours: Professor Chu (101A Gilman): Monday 10-11am Wednesday 11am-12pm Lauren Miller (855 Latimer) : Monday 2-3pm Thursday 12-1 pm David Sivak (4 Gilman) : Tuesday 4-5pm
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2006-141-syllabus - Chemical Engineering Thermodynamics 141...

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