Russo uncle philaunt thropic penny pincher totals

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Unformatted text preview: usso Uncle Phil/Aunt Thropic Penny Pincher Totals Averages 8 $2,495 8 $2,495 1 $6,750 10 $455.00 3 $5,320 4 $7,500 Before I looked at the whole Phil and Aunt Thoric loved m Birthday Gift Data Chart 12 10 8 Value of Gifts 6 4 2 amount of money that they s sent. I then sat down to sort data sheet. M.I. Serly didn’t s picking something out for m instead, bought the first thin gift. Out of these two gift giv much as I did the others. Nex granted she did spend $50.0 about what I would like, she the gift instead of the quality out of ten. The next person in instead,...
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