History Final Review 2

History Final Review 2 - 2 Pearl Harbor Manhattan Project...

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Pearl Harbor Manhattan Project Gulf of Tonkin Resolution My Lai Massacre Kent State University I. Vietnam A. Background France finds it hard to run Vietnam. U.S. decides to help France “fight communism”. U.S. ends up taking 75% of the tab. Soon France can’t afford it so they back out. U.S. is now responsible for Vietnam. They fund South Vietnam, advisors in hopes to earn support. By 1961 there are 675 advisors in S. Vietnam. Complete chaos by end of 1963 – power vacuum with 13,000 advisors in Vietnam. Lyndon B. Johnson – Nov 1963- takes over as president. He is a believer in the Domino Theory (if one country falls the rest will follow). Aug 1964- Incident at the Gulf of Tonkin. Americans claim peaceful ships were attacked by N. Vietnam. This results in the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (allows LBJ to take any measures to avoid further aggression) B. Goals Prevent the spread of communism C. Strategy Johnson is doubtful of success in Vietnam. He can’t leave Vietnam so all he can do is to send in more troops. Due to the different type of war lots of bombing was used. Aerial bombing was widely used. Vietnam became a testing ground for new weapons. Carpet Bombing , Napalm and Chemical Warfare. Tet Offensive – Jan/Feb 1968 – Massive uprising by the Viet Cong+ N Vietnamese. While the Americans eventually pushed them back, it was a great set back for them. After this event, public opinion rapidly turned against the war. My Lai Massacre – March 1968 – Infantry sent to confront Viet Cong supporters. They find women and children instead. Lt.William Calley complains that families were a problem and
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History Final Review 2 - 2 Pearl Harbor Manhattan Project...

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