History Final Review 5

History Final Review 5 - 5 A Philip Randolph Little Rock...

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5 A. Philip Randolph Little Rock Arkansas Montgomery Bus Boycott Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee Civil Rights Act I. Major events and Issues Many African Americans become tired of inequality. They will now force leaders to listen to them. A. Desegregation of the military A. Philip Randolph threatened Roosevelt with a march of 100,000 on Washington if the military wasn’t desegregated. Executive Order 8802 – Roosevelt states that no discrimination for government/defense jobs. B. WWII veterans They refuse 2 nd class citizenship. They are a lot more vocal. C. Montgomery Bus Boycott – December 1955 Rosa Parks refuses to let a white person have her seat on the bus, so she gets arrested. As a NAACP secretary this sparks great response. D. Brown V Board of Education – 1951 – Supreme Court Case-Topeka, Kansas Oliver Brown, the father of a daughter, tries to over turn “separate but equal decision” (Plessey v Ferguson) He was tired of watching his daughter walk past white schools to get to a bus for black schools. 1954-May – Separate but equal facilities weren’t really equal. States need to desegregate ASAP. II. Results
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History Final Review 5 - 5 A Philip Randolph Little Rock...

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