Nixon and Vietnam - Nixon and Vietnam My Lai Massacre Nixon...

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Nixon and Vietnam My Lai Massacre Nixon Doctrine Cambodia Kent State University Jackson State University I. My Lai Massacre March 1968, in the village of My Lai, American troops believe this village harbors 250 VC, but when they arrive, only women, children, and old men are there. Lt. William Calley orders to take care of the village. Some men thought taking care was to just watch the people; however, Calley repeats to the men that they were ordered to take care of the people and there is open machine gun fire on the people – totaling to 400 deaths. They reported 120 enemy deaths, and 3 weapons recovered. This incident was reported to the superiors immediately. The incident occurred in 1968, but public did not learn of this until 1970. Calley was convicted of 22 murders and was sentenced to life in prison. After being sentenced, President Richard Nixon believed the penalty was too harsh. He ordered for a new trial and Calley was released from jail. Nixon also said that whatever punishment a new court marshall revealed, Nixon would personally review it. In calley’s new court marshall, his sentence was changed to 10 years of jail, and soon after that he was eligible for parole. In the end, Calley only served 3 years of prison for overseeing the massacre at My Lai. Even though many people were involved in the coverup, Calley was the only one who served time. By 1970, there is a lot of growing distrust and paranoia in the US about what is happening in Vietnam and whether US will win. After the Tet offensive in 1968, public opinion in US rapidly turned against the war. By summer 1968, Johnson announced that he did not want to run for president. II. Nixon in Vietnam
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Nixon and Vietnam - Nixon and Vietnam My Lai Massacre Nixon...

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