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Pharasim Periods 123 - Pharasim Periods 1 2 3 E rrol Borom...

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Pharasim Periods 1, 2, & 3 Errol Borom Robert Buckman Michael Bushey Kathleen Carrier 4/13/2009 Management 324 – Marketing Management Kasia Ferlej
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Going into period one Starting with the sales force, most of the sales force was increased because we feel they will relive some strain on the other workers plus the newer workers would probably work harder. The decision to not increase wholesaler support and chain drugstores positions was made because the projected growth did not support the addition. We eliminated jobs from the grocery stores because we thought there were to many compared to the other chains Next the price was raised to combat inflation, and the volume discount was cut by 5% for the distributor excluding the wholesalers in order to make some extra profit. For advertising the budget was cut in order to save money and we switched agencies because they had a lower commission. We cut the demographics because advertising is more effective with a more specific target market. We are in the maturity stage so we increased
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