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MARKETING 4 - if any side effects so they can quickly get...

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3.4 Product] bert Buckman] T – 324 Marketing Management A FIRLEJ] 2/09] Buckman
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Our core product is Allround an OTC medicine that is nothing short of a “cure-all” for colds, allergies, and coughing. It is a successful and profitable brand. It is the leader in sales for the most profitable segment in the sickness market, the cold segment/market. Allround is a Star in its market that is becoming a Cash cow because our competitors are coming out with new products. I think the power of our brand name is strong because we have such a strong market share in the most profitable market plus Allround works for other sicknesses as well. I suggest coming out with a new product more specialized to coughing or allergies, and the AllStar name will help it sell and the effectiveness will keep it selling. Allround provides several types of relief to the consumers. It is a decongestant, antihistamine, and a cough suppressant. It provides the consumer relief through the day and helps them to recover with little
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Unformatted text preview: if any side effects so they can quickly get back into their every day routine. Using the cold segmentation consumers are most satisfied with Allround. They also believe us to be the best in reducing fever and suppressing coughs. Our brand is the most intended to be bought and even more actually buy it. If we look at the tradeoff plot Allround provides the most relief and it is not even the most expensive. I hate to repeat my self but we have the most profitable product on the market with the biggest market segmentation for the cold market. At this point in time Allround is the best product on the market. It receives high satisfaction and it works better than our competitors plus it can also be used for other illnesses like coughing. Our competitor’s products can’t do that. They are more geared to curing one specific symptom....
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