Marketing 1 - AllStar Brand manager Bob Buckman Competition...

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AllStar Brand manager Bob Buckman Competition Currently we have four competitors in the Over the counter Market. The first includes B&B Healthcare who produces two products, Best help and Believe. Best help is second in the cold industry only to Allround however Believe is first in allergy relief based on manufacturer sales (but only by 0.6%). The second company, Coral Pharmaceuticals, has only product Coughcure. Coughcure is the leader in cough suppressant sales even though it is not the leading physician recommended brand. In addition it is the Curall pharmaceuticals only holds 13.3 percent of the total sales which are the lowest of all the competitors. Next we have Driscol Corp. who produces Defogg and Dripstop however are also introducing a new OTC medicine Dryup. Dripstop is the leader in nasal relief sales holding 52 percent of sales in that market. Unfortunately for Driscol Corp. their newly released Dryup holds the lowest market share in the cold market. Finally we have Ethik Incorporated who produce Effective, End, and Extra. Three products, none of which are the leader in any of their markets, when put together give Ethik Inc. the leading percentage in total manufacturer sales. This is the company to look out for, our greatest threat in other words. If Ethik generates the most in revenues they then can allocate more money to R&D or advertisement and help Dryup increase its market share in sales which in turn lowers our market share along with lowering revenues and profits. Allstar’s Status Allstar has a great product with Allround it single handidly is the market leaderin the cold relief market, which is the market with the most merchandising sales. The cold market is also the market with the most growth. Not to mention Allround brings in three hundred and fifty-five million dollars worth of revenue which is the best in any market for a single product.
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Marketing 1 - AllStar Brand manager Bob Buckman Competition...

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