pracmidterm1 - Name StudentID Section Number First...

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Unformatted text preview: Name: StudentID: Section Number: First Practice-Midterm, Physics 8A Lecture 1 • Please write your name and student ID on every sheet of the exam. • Closed book. One handwritten one-sided sheet of paper of size 8.5 × 11 is allowed. No calculators or electronic devices of any kind are allowed. • If a problem is ambiguous, notify the instructor. Clarifications will be written on the blackboard. Check the board occasionally. • Time for exam: 120 minutes • There are four problems and each of them have four parts (a-d), check that your exam has pages 1-7 (+ 4 extra pages for calculations). If you are missing anything notify the instructor. • When applicable draw diagrams and show your work. Partial credit will be given for significant progress towards the solution. Partial credit will not be given for random, unitless numbers left for the TA to decipher and interprete. • Always write the units of your answer! If you don’t write the units you will not get full credit. • In all problems neglect air resistance and assume g = 10 m/s 2 . • The problems as well as their a)-d) parts are ordered in increasing difficulty. You might find it advantageous to work your way into each problem and attack the d) parts at a later stage. Remember that partial credit will be given for the right idea or reasoning. • If you cannot figure out part a) or b) the result of which you need in a later part, you are provided an alternate value (’if you cannot figure out, assume ...’). State clearly if you decide to take the alternate value to be able to receive full credit for that later part. • Stop your work when the time is up - an announcement will be made. If you continue your work after the announcement is made 5 points will be taken off the exam immediately....
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This note was uploaded on 10/21/2009 for the course PHYSICS 8A taught by Professor Jacobsen during the Fall '07 term at Berkeley.

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pracmidterm1 - Name StudentID Section Number First...

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