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Western Civilization - Modern - April 1 2009 Movie Notes...

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April 1, 2009 – Movie Notes King Louis 16 th married at age 15 to 14 year old Marie Antoinette Louis not interested in ruling or loving Louis the 15 th dies with smallpox, a defeated and unpopular king Louis the 16 th is unprepared for being a king The enlightenment is a movement which says don’t trust authority or anybody else, try it out yourself American War of Independence Marie is given the name Madam Deficit as the country is in economic problems. Marie has trouble producing a son for the thrown They were not able to conceive for seven years After Louis’ surgery, they have a daughter Bread, which was very important to France in the 18 th century was limited The cost of a loaf of bread equals a month’s earnings The banks force Louis to hire a finance minister, Jaque, when the economy is in trouble May 4 th , 1789, Maxamillion Romspierre fights for the 3 rd estate Louis feels threatened by the radicalism of the 3 rd estate The tennis court oath, tried to defy France’s king July 14 th , 1789 the people of Paris attack the Bastille, they are saying that they take the side of the revolution The French tore down the Bastille as fast as they could The declaration of the rights of man, says all men are considered truly equal, sovereignty belongs to the people Rumspierre demands increase freedom for the press John Paul Mara, wrote a newspaper October 2 nd ,1789 kind orders troupes to surround Paris, Mara encourages them to fight back
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October 5 th , 1789 women are taking their complaints to the king about no bread Louis agrees to sign the declaration of the rights of men Angry mass demands the king and queen move to Paris The women break into the royal palace, they want king and queen to go to Paris so they can make them do what they want, move from Versai? Royal family moves to Paris and they are the prisoners of Paris, power is now with the people, France has a democracy and new laws France is now a constitutional monarchy Louis is forced to sign law after law diminishing his own authority June 21 st 1791, king and queen disguise themselves as servants and run away, and end in Varennes, boarder of Austria. Revolutionary guards don’t let him go through. He is arrested and taken back to Paris. The monarch tried to abandon his people, this broke the bond between Louis and his people, a traitor king. Rumspierre demands end to slavery, equality, universal suffrage, is against execution Revolution wanted everybody equal in death A new killing machine, the guillotine, the national razor, Mara approves. Rumspierre opposes war because he fears the enemy will win April 17, 1792, war is declared If Austria defeats revolutionary army, Louis will have his thrown Austria’s ally, Prussia joins the army August 10, 1792 head to the palace, kill the guards, Louis is officially stripped of his title April 3, 2009 – Chapter 19 Reading Notes
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Western Civilization - Modern - April 1 2009 Movie Notes...

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