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Western Civilization - Modern Sylabus

Western Civilization - Modern Sylabus - Dr Katie Simonton...

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Dr. Katie Simonton [email protected] Office: 554-4179 (direct) Voicemail: 831-427-4509 Office Hours: MWF 9-10 am O’Connor 203A “An ugly baby is a nasty thing” Queen Victoria WESTERN CIVILIZATION: MODERN The 18 th , 19th and 20 th centuries were periods in which dramatic change redrew the political, social, intellectual and technological shape of human existence. In this class we will explore the complex interaction between democratizing political forces and socializing economic forces, between rising literacy rates and imperial entities, between labor –saving technologies and labor-extracting capitalist practices. The changes that made the modern world “modern” had a profound effect upon the daily life of ordinary people. Although the changes began in Europe, their effects were felt around the world in the form of European imperialism, a process that simultaneously made the world smaller and the distances between races and classes much larger. The class will study these three centuries, examining the profound change, as well as, the continuities of the era, REQUIRED TEXT: Western Civilization, Jackson Spielvogel
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COURSE REQUIREMENTS: Class Participation & Attendance 8 Reading/Lecture Quizzes Final Presentation ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION: I do not take attendance, but I am aware of who is in class. If you choose not to attend lecture, are ill or involved in sports, it is still your responsibility to get class notes and handouts. You cannot participate if you do not attend. Participation in discussions is critical. Poor attendance drops you from an A to an A- even if you get As on all your assignments. You do not need to contact me when you will be missing a class unless there is an emergency and you will be missing more than one class.
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