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Chap1_Memorize - 3 Conversion Factors(Table 1.4 a in...

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Chapter 1 Essentials: You must know (memorize). 1) International Metric Unit Bases and their abbreviations (Table 1.2) You do not need to know the units for luminous intensity and electric current. 2) Metric Prefixes (Table 1.3) Know the names and abbreviations for “kilo down through pico” (You do not need to know “hecto” and “deka”)
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Unformatted text preview: 3) Conversion Factors (Table 1.4) a. in to/from cm b. kg to/from lbs c. km to/from miles d. cm3 to/from mL (at 20C, 1atm) These are just lists that you should memorize. You should be able to work though problems like you find in the homework, the quizes and the chapters....
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