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Assimilation -Robert Park: theory of ethnic assimilation - Linear story of immigration: contact, competition, accommodation, assimilation - The end result is a process in which the immigrant gradually adapts and blends into the dominant society (Americanization) This idea of concentric circles The oriental is termed the marginal man who only with difficulty was able to let go of his ethnic oriental traits. In contrast to the African American, he cannot let go of his ethnic in American society. Laws have made assimilation difficult. Newer understandings don’t require this superior theory. Many of these new perspectives conceive the sites as two worlds existing simultaneously with the immigrant living in between or in both. Other kinds of alternatives to this linear development with the desire to assimilation demonstrate narratives that consider the possibility of returning or opening up the world in the US so that memories can be brought into the present. There is richness and robustness from bringing it in rather than trashing it for the superior culture. This linear trajectory has a way in which nothing can fit into it but there’s a certain force in which people recognize the desire to value the judgment of ethnicity (too Chinesey). It is commonly thought that the modern thing to do would be to assimilate but this other dichotomy suggests that there is no linear trajectory, that the worlds can mingle. The literature implies that they’re not always that separate and what we think of ethnic is a part of the larger US culture. The idea that there is an abstract US culture that culminates all other cultures. The literature makes us pause to think the it is not always American but a variable space in which the boundaries move. The idea of becoming American has a large theological force in which moves through immigrant genre and our beliefs and literature responds to it in different ways in that it is an absolute mandate. It carries a certain persistent force. CRITICISMS OFASSIMILATION
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The single model, or ideal type, does not hold true for all immigrant groups, and does not account for the numerous obstacles for various immigrant groups (bars to citizenship, residential segregation, inequality in employment, education, housing, healthcare, and life chances). Assimilation privileges a homogenous national culture rather than valuing the contributions that the languages, values and cultures that immigrants bring. Alternatives to linear development of assimilation, biculturalism, multiculturalism, bilingualism, multiple languages, cultures, or geographies, return or maintenance of ties, pluralism, or the existence of many different peoples within a single nation. Chan is Missing questions “what is China?” The mixed thoughts of Chan Hong,
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  • Immigration to the United States, private sphere, li terature, linear development, immigrant gradually adapts, longer immigrant history

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10.06.09 - Assimilation-Robert Park theory of ethnic...

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