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As we discussed throughout the course, the field of American studies has a complex and rich past. Officially beginning in the 1930s and 40s, institutionalized programs at universities such as Harvard, GW, and the UPEnn shared a vision of creating a new disciplinary forum for exploring the history and conditions of “America” conditions that they uniformly viewed as exceptional and distinct from Europe. These idealized and homogenous narratives shifted in the 1960’s and 70’ s when the cultural revolution called many tradititonal views (that explored primarily whit New England writers and
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Unformatted text preview: nationalist sentiments) into question and prompted Give your thoughts on the field as you conceive it after this class. Thile you might discuss its past and development consider also focusing on American studies today: on major issues ot problems you think are essential to what it shout do and where it should go. Feel free to use primary texts from class as examples or case studies and to dialogue with secondary material relating to these topics....
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