American Studies Midterm

American Studies Midterm - National Identity with roots to...

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National Identity with roots to “civilized life.” Many authors (19 th cent) explored a removal from the identity and society they knew allowing them to develop a new respect/admiration for a simpler or “less civilized” life. Yet the strong roots of national identity and nature of civilization always brought the author back to what is known as “civilized” Thoreau and Melville. Thoreau-Walden, Economy Willingly removed himself from society to live alone--woods on the shore of Walden Pond, Concord, Mass. Not permanent, experiment pg. 5 “I lived there two years…” Moral reason for the experiment: people desire excess things, to OWN things—forces them to devote themselves to labor, therefore losing freedom, essentially slaves to labor. Must decrease one’s needs, no luxuries Identifies 4 necessities: Food, Shelter, Clothing, and Fuel. o Tackle only these and one can live life of freedom, with minimal work off the gifts of nature and the land. Pg 11-12 “The necessaries…” Goes on to describe the nature of his experiments, the constructing of his house, the farming for food, the attainment of clothing. Gives financial accounts of what he pays for the land, and the business he plans to do.
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American Studies Midterm - National Identity with roots to...

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