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Automathography - Anne Cordeiro MATH 1020Q Automathography...

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Anne Cordeiro September 10, 2009 MATH 1020Q Automathography For the past nine years I would have to say that math and I have had what could be considered a “long distance relationship.” As in, the further away I am from Math the better for both of us. I know, that is probably not what you are looking to hear, but this is a time for honesty. When it comes down to it, math and me have never been a good mix. It pretty much all started in 8 th grade, I want to say the class was “Pre-Calc.” Essentially for one reason or another, we never really had a proper teacher. Pregnancy and illness and who knows what else left us learning math for essentially 2 months total out of the entire school year. Now I had never been a math person but given the time I could pull through. Well this lack of learning really didn’t help me causing me to retake “pre-calc” my freshman year. However because I was an honor student, my others classes like science in particular, didn’t match up with my Math. And of course once
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