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Anne Cordeiro Questions for Discussion 5 Re-read Aeschylus' The Eumenides (in Greek Tragedies 3), lines 734-53; answer the following questions with that passage in mind. 1. Is it fair that Athena gets to vote? It is not entirely fair that Athena gets a vote. She clearly expresses that she does have a fairly strong bias,that she will recognize when making the decision. It does not seem reasonable for her to get the final say. 2. Does Athena's reasoning make sense to you? Her reasoning is clearly skewed to me, due to her bias. Also the whole if the votes are even Orestes wins
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Unformatted text preview: aspect isnt quite clear. It seems as though she will use her power to finds anyway to make sure Orestes avoids being charged. 3. Commentators disagree about whether Athena actually casts her vote or not. What difference does it make for our interpretation of the trilogy? I dont think it would make much difference because it appears that either way Orestes would have gotten off, seeing as if the votes were even then he avoids death. Clearly this is what she wanted so casting her vote or allowing it to remain even doesnt seem to make much difference....
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