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HIST 2100 midterm - making foreign policy 2 History repeats...

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1. IRAN 1953: Mossadegh in power—Iran falls behind Iron Curtain. -eventually Mossadegh overthrown which was good, however people still confused.—Many of the 1953 Coup documents have been destroyed by the CIA showing that the true intentions of the US may not have been all they said they were. Similar to the misinterpretation we see with today’s situation in Iran 4-Miscommunication, Iran Nuclear Arms 5- 33 years of non-communication—mistrust VIETNAM: lose Vietnam to communism, like Iran larger issue is a Cold War fear, masked by the desire to spread freedoms. -much dissent to not go into Vietnam (including military), however US thinks in Cold War terms and terrified of losing control over its sphere of influence. Afghanistan/Pakistan similar misinterpretation and mistrust as the US proceeds to battle Al Queda 1 and 2: who is the enemy? What is the mission? Are we just throwing money to futile efforts like in Iran and Vietnam? Costly, un-ending wars…how much could we have avoided by putting our imperialistic thoughts to rest when
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Unformatted text preview: making foreign policy? 2. History repeats itself—Afghanistan/Pakistan is a Philippines/Cuba repeat.-America tried to free both countries from some tyrannical rule, Philippines/Cuba from Spain, Afghanistan from Soviet attacks.-However both nations America found itself fighting the nation they were trying to free 3-Afghan deaths rise in 2008 This notion of Manifest destiny that has so often shaped US foreign policy hard to support—military interventions in both Phil. And Afghanseem immoral/futile. Promise to give AID to gain independence then ignore promises.-Current policy also shows how US underestimates the brutality/difficulty in these countries 2-troops can’t make modern state 8 yrs ago Afghan/Paki regime changes, yet what change has really been made? 1- Similar uncertainty, who is the enemy? What is the mission? Pakistan the way to stable Afghan…battle against Al Queda....
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