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Anne Cordeiro HIST 3206 10/1/09 Peer Evaluation For the history corrective my group, group IV, is tackling the political myth “The United States is the only country in the Americas with a black consciousness movement.” Myself along with my group members plan to explore the other nations of the Americas including the Caribbean, Jamaica, areas of Central America, the Anglophone Caribbean, Brazil and Canada, and inform the class on how all of these regions experienced a black consciousness movement of sorts. An overall evaluation of my group so far is positive. We were able to efficiently and fairly divide up how the workload, and have been using great communication to make sure that we are all on the same page at each juncture. I believe this will greatly help the fluidity and precision of our presentation. Essentially the way we were able to divide up the group was to have each person focus on a different region. Along with this each person is in charge of a component of the final presentation. For example I am focusing on Canada, and along with Angelo we
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