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Mignolo. Epistemological: the theory of knowledge, esp. with regard to its methods, validity, and scope. Epistemology is the investigation of what distinguishes justified belief from opinion. Uncoupling: disconnecting, from ideas. Paradigm: typical example or pattern of something. “The wide acceptance of those geographical designations hide the fact that the division of continents and the geo- political structure imposed upon them are all imperial constructions of the past five hundred years.” -the observation is grounded in colonial history that shaped the ideas of the Americas, not the image of modernity that we all know that create the image/distinction., focused around Modernity -exist today as only a consequence of Euro expansion, Euro perspective, perspective of modernity, not coloniality “de-colonial theory”—challenging paradigm of universal EuroAmerican theories, notion to leave behind the nation- building mentality of 19 th cent. Europe
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