ILCS #4 - specific tics and how being alone causes...

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Anne Cordeiro November 23, 2008 ILCS 160 Written Comment #4 Amarcord, directed by Federico Fellini tells the story of an extensive cast of characters who inhabit the fictional town of Borgo. Through a series of comic vignettes Fellini takes the painstaking time to exemplify the comedic caricatures that make up the film. The film could indeed be considered a “choral” film due to the fact that the majority of the films narrative is spent focusing on presenting this large group together and watch them interact. During these scenes where almost the entire village is present, Fellini demonstrates how the caustic fascist policies have pervaded into all aspects of life. The importance of the choral is seen through the narrative of each character. Fellini often has a different narrator tell what part of the story giving the viewer a look into how his life is under fascism. Watching all these characters, one sees that they all have their own
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Unformatted text preview: specific tics, and how being alone causes bewilderment and solitude. However the choral aspect of the film brings all these people together for various scenes; the opening scene that is a celebration devoted to the coming of spring, or the closing scene, a wedding in which the whole town is present. As individuals these characters appear to have certain manias or problems, but as a group these seemingly harmless eccentricities take on a different meaning. Unfortunately due to fascism these people come together to celebrate stupidity. Alone they have no sense of social responsibility, however coming together causes them to level-off and remain outside not only the real problems of the world but outside their own oddities. Due to this comedic choral atmosphere Amarcord provides a portrait of fascism that few films can provide....
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ILCS #4 - specific tics and how being alone causes...

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