MUSI1004 Ethno

MUSI1004 Ethno - A nne Cordeiro M USI 1004 Robert...

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Anne Cordeiro MUSI 1004 Robert Stevens/Gabe A. Music: The Universal Language Earlier this year my classmates and I were privileged enough to see a performance from Gideon Ampeire. Gideon is a University of Connecticut student from Uganda who also is part of and directs Echo Uganda. Echo Uganda is a performance group who performs music from Eastern Africa, while also providing viewers/participators with great insight into the culture of Uganda and other similar Eastern African cultures. Echo Uganda not only performs traditional music from the region, but also incorporates the integral aspects of storytelling and dance. This particular performance however, was not the entire group but rather Gideon solo. Seeing as this performance was the first we witnessed and still early in the semester, I was still a little hesitant as whether I would enjoy the types of music we would be covering in the course. Despite my reservations Gideon came with a litany on instruments and knowledge; showing me that music does and always will connect people. Regardless of essentially knowing nothing about what I was about to see, I walked away with a newfound respect for non-western music
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and culture. Through Gideon’s performance I was truly able to see that
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MUSI1004 Ethno - A nne Cordeiro M USI 1004 Robert...

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