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POLS paper 2 - 1 The Dean Scream Whether or not you could...

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The “Dean Scream.” Whether or not you could vote in 2004 you were most likely aware of what happened at the 2004 Iowa Democratic Caucus, where democratic Presidential nominee Howard Dean, former governor of Vermont, no longer became known for his policy but rather for the “Dean scream.” As Dean stepped up to give his concession speech he began to shout over the cheers of the crowd, however the only noise heard by Television viewers across America was Dean’s emotional shouts over the crowd which were being picked up in his microphone; especially a passionate “YEAH!” to end the speech. Unfortunately it was this vision of a red faced, teeth clenched, Dean who appeared to be yelling uncontrollably, that millions of Americans witnessed. Despite being taken slightly out of context the “Dean scream” lives in infamy as one of the crucial points of the 2004 election allowing other Democratic candidates John Kerry and John Edwards to take major leads over Dean. Had Dean behaved this way in an election a century ago there is a very good chance he could have gone on to win the caucus and maybe even the Presidency, however in this growing technological age Dean’s scream was seen across the nation to one audience. And even if you missed the moment, it was easily viewed upon Internet websites in many different forms. It is this ability for Americans to see everything about an individual, that communications Professor Joshua Meryowitz argues has drastically changed how the public views political figures. Meyrowitz contends that technological advances are blurring the lines of politics. Politicians are now 1
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constantly in the limelight, giving the public access to all behavior. Meyrowitz maintains that because of this, politicians are presented with a
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POLS paper 2 - 1 The Dean Scream Whether or not you could...

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