Econ Hmwk 1 - Extra Credit Homework#1 Due September 3rd by the end of your scheduled class Directions All homework answers MUST be TYPED No EMAIL

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Extra Credit Homework #1 : Due September 3 rd by the end of your scheduled class. Directions : All homework answers MUST be TYPED. No EMAIL SUBMISSIONS. The homework is collected in class. If you can’t be in class then send your homework with a friend or turn it in EARLY under my office door (607 Kern) with your name and section time clearly marked. No late homework is accepted. (1) Watch The Family Man located on the Homework folder on ANGEL and answer the following question: Jack wants a “perfect life.” Do you think that this is possible? (Recall what I said about the costs of perfection in chapter 1.) ($500) I don’t think that it’s possible for Jack to attain the “perfect life.” Attaining perfection is too costly. Jack wants a life that people will envy, but his life according to his wife, is already a life that other’s envy. If they have what Jack feels is a perfect life then they lose almost everything else such as their house that they made a family in and probably a lot of their happiness. (2) Read the article entitled, “Halloween Is an Economist's Biggest Nightmare,” located
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