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530.328 - Fluid Mechanics II Spring 2009 Homework #1 - review CV linear momentum - Due date: Thursday February 5 1. Water flowing into a two-dimensional channel of width w=90mm with uniform velocity, U=5 m/s. The channel makes a 90 degree bend to the side that distorts the flow to produce a linear velocity profile with u min = u max /3. (a) Evaluate u min and u max (b) Evaluate the 2 components of reaction forces needed to keep the channel anchored. (c) Evaluate the mass flow rate ( ρ =10 3 kg/m 3 ). 2. Water flows through a 4 cm diameter round pipe. The entrance velocity is V A =5 m/s, at point A. There the pressure is p A =300 kPa, it encounters a section with uniform radial wall injection of fluid through small distributed holes, until point B. There, the velocity has increased to V B =8 m/s due to the wall injection. Neglecting wall friction, calculate the pressure at B. 3. A cart with a water tank is propelled by a water ( ρ =10 3 kg/m 3 ) jet at V = 10 m/s and a flow-rate
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