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Fluids-HW3 - or turbine implied Each case has common...

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530.328 - Fluid Mechanics II Spring 2009 Homework #3 – Angular Momentum - Due date: Thursday March 5th. 1. A pump is used to pump water with flow rate 0.1 . The impeller inlet radius is 80 mm and blade width is 40 mm. The impeller outlet radius is 250 mm and blade width is 30 mm. The blade angle is 60 at inlet and 70 at exit. The impeller speed is 120 . Calculate the theoretical head and mechanical power input. 70 Courtesy: NASA Glenn Research Center, www.grc.nasa.gov/WWW/5810/rvc/grape/c6t1R_x.jpg (left picture). 2. An axial-flow pump operates at 150 . The blade tip radius is 285 mm and the hub radius is135 mm. Inlet vanes provide an angle (angle with respect to shaft axis is 60 0 ). Determine the required average blade angle at the exit of the impeller if the pump is to deliver 0.57 of water with a theoretical head rise of 2.85 m. 60 30mm Outlet 40mm Inlet
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3. Determine the torque, power and head input (or output) for each turbomachine shown below. Is a pump
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Unformatted text preview: or turbine implied? Each case has common following data: outer radius 300 mm, inner radius 150 mm, flow rate 0.057 , density 1000 , and . (In these picture, V indicates the absolute velocity, indicates the velocity relative to the blade. sub “1” indicates inlet, sub “2” indicates outlet) 4. A closed-loop water tunnel is to be used to study water flow in a laboratory. It is constructed of 300mm diameter hydraulically smooth pipe. The loss coefficient at each of the four bends is 0.1 and assumes friction factor is 0.01. The total length of the loop is 14 m. The design velocity is V=3 m/s. It is proposed that an axial flow pump running at about 300 rpm be used. Verify that an axial-flow pump is the correct type to employ. 80 80 30 30 30° (a) (b) (c) 45° 45° 30° 30°...
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Fluids-HW3 - or turbine implied Each case has common...

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