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530.328 - Fluid Mechanics II Spring 2009 Homework #2 - flow in pipes - Due date: Thursday February 12 at/before noon (zero tolerance late policy) in Latrobe 223 ME department office (Ms. Katy Sanderson) 1. A pipe flow with water at standard conditions is generated by a pressure difference kPa applied to a smooth tubing, of length =75m and diameter . Calculate the flow rate generated by such pressure difference. 2. A remote high-pressure pump is connected to a hydraulic press by of smooth, drawn steel tubing.
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Unformatted text preview: The press is powered by pump of which gage pressure at the pump outlet is . When operating, the flow rate of the press must be and the required pressure for the press is (gage). Determine the minimum tubing diameter that may be used. (The working fluid here is SAE 10 W oil at 38 C.) 3. Water at standard conditions flows in a two-branches pipe system, as shown below. Find the flow rates . The inlet is at 300 kPa (gage), and all exits are at atmospheric pressure (all minor losses may be neglected)....
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