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Chapter 1 Homework Problems Section 1. Special Relativity 1. If the speed of light were larger than it really is, would relativistic phenomena be more or less conspicuous than they are now? Why? Section 2. Time Dilation 2. How fast would an athlete have to run the 100 m dash in order to have their watch record a 10% smaller time than that of an external observer. 3. An observer on a spacecraft moving at 0.600c relative to the earth finds that a car takes 50.0 min to take a trip. How long does the trip take to the driver of the other car? Section 4. Length Contraction 4 . An astronaut whose height on earth is exactly 5 ft is lying parallel to the axis of a spacecraft moving at 0.64c relative to the earth. What is his height as measured by an observer in the same spacecraft? By an observer on the earth? 5. A meter stick is moving with speed 0.8c relative to a frame S. (a) What is the stick’s length, as measured by observers in S, if the stick is parallel to its velocity v? (b) What if the stick is
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