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Bio+225+Fall+2009+Course+Syllabus[1] - Course Syllabus...

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Course Syllabus Biology 225 Principles of Animal Physiology Fall 2009 Instructors: Professors Robert Denver and Haoxing Xu Time and Place: M, W, F 9-10 a.m., MLB Auditorium 3 Course Structure This course is an introduction to the physiology of animals, with an emphasis on vertebrates. The course is intended for students in their sophomore or junior year. The subject matter includes metabolism and thermoregulation, nervous and endocrine systems, respiration and circulation, osmoregulation, excretion, digestion, reproduction and immune system. There are three one-hour lectures a week and four one-hour examinations. Prerequisites: Introductory biology (Biology 162, or Bio 171,172, 173 or equivalent) and Chem 210. Course Home Page Access the Bio 225 course homepage via the CTools gateway (https://ctools.umich.edu/portal ). The lecture syllabus, lecture Powerpoints, supplemental readings and instructor office hours will be posted on this page. Course Format There are three 1 hour lectures each week, given on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 9:00-10:00 a.m. Evaluation of student performance will be based on performance in four exams. Textbook (required): Principles of Animal Physiology, Moyes and Schulte, 2 nd edition. ISBN 13:978-0-321-50155-4. Supplementary readings will be announced in class and posted on the course homepage. 1
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Contacting Your Professors Professor Robert Denver’s office is in 3065C Kraus Natural Science Building ( [email protected] ). Professor Haoxing Xu’s office is in 3089 Kraus Natural Science Building ( [email protected] ). Office hours will be announced during the first lecture and will be posted on the course web page. Other times by appointment. You can send email messages with brief questions about the course material; for longer, detailed questions you should see your professor after class or come to the office hour. Do not use email to notify your professor that you will miss an exam nor to request makeup exams. For these you should call Prof. Denver at 936-6625 or Prof. Xu at 615-
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Bio+225+Fall+2009+Course+Syllabus[1] - Course Syllabus...

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