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Unformatted text preview: UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, ASIAN STUDIES 260 / HISTORY 252, F09: INTRODUCTION TO CHINESE CIVILIZATION Instructor: William Baxter SCHEDULE OF TOPICS AND READINGS (subject to change) WK WEEK'S TOPIC Lec Topic Date Readings (all in coursepack, except those marked “[CTOOLS]”) 1 Introduction; Chinese origins 1 Course introduction Tue 8-Sep-09 —— 2 Racial otherness and diversity in early China Thur 10-Sep-09 (1) Conrad Schirokauer and Miranda Brown, A Brief History of Chinese Civilization , 2nd ed. (Wadsworth, 2006), ch. 1: 1-16. (2) [CTOOLS] Andrew Lawler, “Beyond the Yellow River: How China became China,” Science 325: 930–935 (21 August 2009). 2 Bronze Age China 3 The Zhou conquest Tue 15-Sep-09 (1) Schirokauer and Brown, Brief History, ch. 1: 16-28. (2) Patricia Ebrey, Chinese Civilization: A Sourcebook, 2nd ed. (New York: Free Press, 1991), “Late Shang Divination Records”; “Metal Bound Box,” pp. 3-7. 4 Debates on traditions and temporal otherness; 1ST ASSIGNMENT DUE ON FRIDAY SEPT 18. Thur 17-Sep-09 (1) Ebrey, Chinese Civilization, “Hexagrams in the Book of Changes,” “Songs and Poems,” “The Battle Between Jin and Chu,” “Confucian Teachings,” pp. 8-22. (2) Burton Watson, Basic Writings of Mo Tzu, Hsün Tzu, and Han Fei Tzu (New York: Columbia University Press, 1964), Mozi/Mo-tzu: pp. 18-33; 39-49. 3 The Warring States period 5 Politics and the military other Tue 22-Sep-09 (1) Schirokauer and Brown, Brief History , ch. 2: 28-32. (2) [CTOOLS] Lionel Giles, trans., Art of War: Oldest Military Treatise in the World: Chapters 1-8 and 13. [There are links to three versions, all with Giles's translation: one with just the translation, one with the translation and links to the Chinese original, and one with the translation plus the translator's commentary. Read whichever you like.] 6 Philosophical debates about human nature Thur 24-Sep-09 (1) Schirokauer and Brown, Brief History , ch. 2: 38-49....
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ASIAN260Schedule2009-09-08[1] - UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN...

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