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oral rubric - NYCOM at NYIT Faculty Lecture-Presentation...

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NYCOM at NYIT Faculty Lecture-Presentation Assessment Rubric Guide-CFA Plan OBJECTIVES Level 5 -Excellent Level 4 - Level 3 Level 2 Knowledge of topic Sophisticated use of evidence and research Above average use of evidence and research Adequate use of evidence and research Poor use of evidence and research Notes and handouts States credentials, shows expertise, may cite Shows some credibility as described in Level 5 Does not state anything to show credibility Behaves in manner to hurt credibility sources Organization and Outline Easy to follow; many transitions used Organized; few transitions used No transitions Jumping around; no transitions; lacks preparation Language Appropriate for audience; creative and sophisticated Appropriate for audience; clear Appropriate for audience; parts unclear Speaks above or below audience Audience Relevance Makes entire speech have meaning to audience Makes attempts at having speech relate to audience Fits some of speech to audience Does not consider audience in giving speech
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