Fall 07 exam 1 - Chemistry 261 Exam I Fall 2007...

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Chemistry 261 Exam I Fall 2007 INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Final answers must be in ink to be graded. 2) Circle one option in multiple choice questions and write or draw your answers where prompted for all other questions. 3) Use the back of each page for scratch space. 4) Please read each question very carefully. 5) Prioritize your time: all multiple choice questions are assigned 5 points (15 total), all other questions are assigned 15 points (5 total). Name _______________________________
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1. Which of the following statements about π molecular orbitals is CORRECT ? a) π molecular orbitals are cylindrically symmetric. b) Most of the electron density in a π molecular orbital is centered above and below the internuclear axis. c) When two atoms are connected by a double bond, both of these bonds are π bonds. d) Both statements B and C are correct. e) Statements A, B, and C are all correct. 2. Which of the following is TRUE concerning the resonance-stabilized anion [PO 4 ] 3- ? a) Three of the phosphorous-oxygen bonds are equal in length, and one phosphorous-oxygen bond is shorter in length. b) In the resonance-hybrid structure, all of the oxygens bear an equal
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Fall 07 exam 1 - Chemistry 261 Exam I Fall 2007...

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