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BasicFlowchart lawsiut

BasicFlowchart lawsiut - outcome if Facts& Law can be...

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Juris dictionary ® … Basic Lawsuit Flowchart © 2004 by Attorney Frederick Graves, JD Order the Complete Lawsuit Flowchart with explanatory pages that make lawsuit procedure and tactics easy to understand. Your Competitive Edge! www.jurisdictionary.com 516 Camden Avenue, Stuart, FL 34994 TOLL FREE: 866-Law-Easy (866-529-3279) C omplaint Flurry of Motions A nswer Discovery States all Rights to Sue (causes of action) plus all Facts & Law that control
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Unformatted text preview: outcome if Facts & Law can be Proved Motions to Dismiss, to Strike, or to Require a More Definite Statement of the Complaint Answers Complaint one allegation at-a-time Separately Admitting or Denying each Allegation Requests for Admissions, Requests for Production, Interrogatories Depositions, Court Orders (includes subpoenas) Formal Presentation of Facts & Law for Determination of Winner Pursuant to Rules of Evidence T rial...
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