10 - My favourite book is "perfect spy" by Larry...

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My favourite book is “perfect spy” by Larry Berman. It tells about the life of Pham Xuan An who worked as a spy for the community party in Vietnam. To be noticeable, his enemies did not suspect that An was a spy and even considered him as a close friend .As a result, Mr An easily gained valuable information about the attack plans of the enermy without being revealed. I like this book so much because it helps me to know more about the life of a man who love his homeland and willing to do everything for the freedom of his country. Describe a logo that you like best? The effective trademark I like best is Nike logo. It is well known around the world, standing for sport excellence. Many famous athletes such as MIichael Jordan, Roger Federer and the Williams sisters have worn this logo. The Nike logo is astonishingly simple. It features nothing but a check mark representing the wing of a Greek god, Nike, who was considered as the symbol of victory and success. Another noticeable feature of this logo is that it has no name which make it easier to be remembered by any customers
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10 - My favourite book is "perfect spy" by Larry...

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