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Hometown or birth place 1.Where do you come from/ where do you live? I am from Ha noi , the capital of social republic of Vietnam . It has been famous for peaceful atsmosphere and friendly people. 2. Do you like it?/ Do you think it is a good place to live? Why? Hanoi , the capital of Vietnam was awarded by UNESCO the brand as “ the city for peace” in 2003. It has been famous for peaceful atmosphere and beautiful landscapes, especially 30 romantic lakes inside the city. Moreover, the number of ancient relics in Hanoi tops the nation with 2000 cultural, architectural and historical sites and beauty spots. Undoubtly, Hanoi is a good place for you to liveo tra 3.Can you tell me some history of your hometown My hometown has many different names downthrough years such as Thang Long, Dong do , Dong kinh and finally Hanoi in 1831. One of the most importance history dates of my hometown is the year 1010 when ly thai to , the founder of the ly dynasty decided to transfer the capital from Hoa Lu to Dai La or Ha Noi today. . 4. Can you tell some famous landscape or scenic spots in your hometown
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