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15 - 5 If given a chance what will you like to change in...

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5. If given a chance, what will you like to change in your home country ? May be the thing that i dislike most about my country is a complex legal system full of paradoxes. It leads to many evils . For example,if you have difficulty with a procedure ,just give the officers an envelop including a sum of reasonable money then your problem will vanish . Other wise. You will be told to wait indefinitely or to give document as required by the laws . If everything goes on like this, people will lose their trust in government . If given a chance , i would like to adopt new laws to strictly punish the corrupt officers and control the performance of others more effectively. Therefore, life offers taxs will not go into the hands of wrong doers. Anymore, the public works 6.What sort of jobs are usually adopted by people in your hometown? In my hometown, more and more people , expecially the youth seek for well- paid jobs such as management, sales, maketing, accountancy, services, computer programmers, stock investment. Besides, many
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