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17 - Reading books is to my liking No matter how busy with...

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.Do you prefer to shop in mails or you like the traditional shopping? In my opinion , I would prefer traditional shopping than shop in mails for some reasons as follows First of all, traditional shops decrease the risk of buying low –quality items . You can see goods in person and then do not need to worry about whether the size is right or wrong or wonder if its style and color will satisfy your needs. Secondly, traditional shops provide opportunity to meet new friends and enjoy fresh air. By contrast ,email shopping means staying at home in front of the computer screen. It makes people become lazy and no fun of seeing friends, which is not good for your health. Last but not least, compared to email shops, traditional shops are cheaper because of no freight costs. Therefore, I can buy more items. 3. Do you prefer to stay alone or with your friend? I prefer to go shopping alone because I can take my time and not wonder if someone is ready to go or not. B. Books 1. Do you like reading ?
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Unformatted text preview: Reading books is to my liking. No matter how busy with study at university, I always try to read at least one novel per month. 2. What kinds of book do you like best? / What is it about?/ When do you get it?Why do you like it? I like biographies. It is interesting to read about the background of people and see what you can learn from their lives. My favourite book is “perfect spy” by Larry Berman. It tells about the life of Pham Xuan An who worked as a spy for the community party in Vietnam. To be noticeable, his enemies did not suspect that An was a spy and even considered him as a close friend .As a result, Mr An easily gained valuable information about the attack plans of the enermy without being revealed. I like this book so much because it helps me to know more about the life of a man who love his homeland and willing to do everything for the freedom of his country. 3. The difference between reading and watching TV?...
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