Fighting poor sanitation

Fighting poor sanitation - BBC Learning English 6 Minute...

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BBC Learning English 6 Minute English Fighting poor sanitation NB: This is not an accurate word-for-word transcript 6 Minute English © 2009 Page 1 of 4 Dima: Hi, welcome to this edition of 6 Minute English with me, Dima Kostenko. In this programme: With all the scientific and technological progress around the world, how come poor sanitation still remains a mass child killer? And - how we can save lives by learning a few lessons from the past - for example, from the 19 th century Britain - according to a new report. In the studio with me is Jackie Dalton - thanks for joining me Jackie. Jackie : Responds Dima: Let's start with today's key word - 'sanitation'. What does 'sanitation' actually mean? Jackie: Well, sanitation is a very broad term. We use it to mean systems for taking dirty water and other waste products away from buildings in order to protect people's health. Dima: And 'diarrhoea'? Jackie: That's not a very nice thing to have! It's when your body gets poisoned by unclean water or infected food, making your stomach upset so you need to go to the toilet really often, and it can be a very serious health problem. Dima: On to the next word, the verb 'to outweigh'. Jackie: This just means to be greater or more important than something else.
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6 Minute English © 2009 Page 2 of 4 Dima: OK, sanitation, diarrhoea and to outweigh. Jackie, do interrupt me if you hear any other words you think might need explaining. Well, as I said at the beginning, a new report has just been published - by the
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Fighting poor sanitation - BBC Learning English 6 Minute...

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