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BBC Learning English 6 Minute English Living abroad 6 Minute English © 2008 Page 1 of 4 Elena: Hello I m Elena Newton and with me today for 6 Minute English is Callum Robertson hello Callum. Callum: Hello Elena. Elena: Now, as you know Callum, today is a sad day it's my last day here at BBC Learning English. I m leaving to go travelling and to experience living in other countries. So, today, in keeping with the theme, we'll have a look at some language associated with this topic. Now the word emigrate and the phrase living abroad what can you tell us about these Callum? Callum: Well they re very similar. They re connected. The verb to emigrate first. That means to move to another country and to make that country your home. Now that is a kind of a permanent position but some people just like to live abroad. Maybe they keep their house or their flat in this country and they go travelling. So to emigrate and to live abroad . Elena: Ok, well I've done a bit of research into the statistics or numbers of people who emigrate from the UK. The latest figures available are for the year July 2005 to July 2006. So, in this year, how many people emigrated from the UK? Is it A: 385,000 B: 485,000 C: 580,000 Callum: I have to say that any answer I give is only going to be a guess. So I m going to guess at 485,000.
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Living abroad - BBC Learning English 6 Minute English...

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