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Full Manuscripts for Individual Case Studies (#1 to 5) 1. Using the Predictive Index Should a personality test be the impetus for overthrowing a company? Laura McCann thought so. Laura McCann was CEO of a New York City-based private-label clothing manufacturers. She and her partner had owned the company for seven years. The firm made money, but it also was a source of aggravation for her as well as many of her mangers. She had been concerned that a number of her staff members were unhappy with their jobs, including some of her highest-ranking managers. Moreover, she and her partner were constantly at each other’s throats. In late 1997, McCann stumbled upon a personality test, the Predictive Index, which changed the way she looked at her business and led to her decision to reinvent the company. McCann had met a consultant in psychometric testing. He was a strong advocate of the predictive Index- a simple checklist of 86 adjectives. The test takes about five minutes to complete. Respondents go through the 86 adjectives twice, once checking those terms that they feel describe “the way you are expected to act by others”; and the second time checking those that “you yourself believe really describe you.” Examples of adjectives? Fussy, selfish, fearful, conscientious, tolerant, loyal. Once scored, the Predictive Index identifies four scales that purport to characterize any personality: dominance, extroversion, patience, and precision. McCann had her partner and all the managers in her company take the Predictive Index test. The results, according to the test consultant, indicated that the cause of all the trouble was that nearly half of those on the company’s management team had personalities that didn’t fit their job descriptions. What’s more, McCann and her partner couldn’t have been more poorly matched. Within a month of seeing these results, McCann took action. “The test helped me realize that all this difficulty we were having wasn’t a personal thing. It just wasn’t meant to be.” McCann bought out her partner; restructured her management team, keeping just a well-chosen few; and started a totally new business with new partners and a largely different staff. Questions 1. Contrast the Predictive Index to the Big Five framework. How is it similar? Different? 2. “Anyone with half a brain can fake a personality test. I can be anything an employer wants me to be.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Support your position. 3. Could a test of Emotional Intelligence have been more effective in helping Laura McCann make her decision than the Predictive Index? Explain your position. 4. Do you think Laura McCann’s actions were justified based on the results of a five- minute personality test? Explain.
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Individual Case Study lists (full) - Full Manuscripts for...

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