key 7 - Case 1 Haier's rise In 2005, Haier Group is...

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Case 1 Haier's rise In 2005, Haier Group is changing concept of development, innovation and development model to improve the quality of development, abandoning a large number of competitive edge is not high, the case of orders for the whole year is expected to achieve a global turnover of 103.9 billion yuan, up by a net increase of 3.0 billion, including Haier branded products, exports and overseas production product sales expected to reach 2.8 billion, an increase of 40%. Transition from high growth to high- quality growth changes. Haier 2005 pre-tax profits of about 3.6 billion business in 21 years, accumulatively more than 160 billion in state taxes paid. August 31 the same year, the British "Financial Times" named "China's Top Ten world-class brand," Haier tops the list. AQSIQ for the first time named three "China's world famous," Haier refrigerators, washing machines, both selected. According to an authoritative assessment of the value of Haier's own brand of up to 70.2 billion yuan, reelected for four consecutive years of China's most valuable brand top. In 2005, the world's top 500 brand rankings, Haier ranked No. 89, Haier has become a "Made in China" banner. Apart from that people wonder, can not help Sisuohaier is how severe losses from a small state-owned enterprises towards success and glory it? Let us follow the growth trajectory of Haier to see their growth process bar. One, the difficult start (1983-1988) 1984 was the beginning of the Haier Group of Pioneers. Haier Group's predecessor was formed by the merger of two small factories in Qingdao Electric Factory, due to backward technology, poor management, poor staff quality, business struggling, in 1984 a deficit of 1.47 million. The new director Zhang was ordered at a difficult time when a large number of market research, based on their choice refrigerator as a breakthrough by introducing technology, converting the refrigerator trying to seek a way out, by 32 to compare the foreign manufacturer, the plant decided to adopt a German-li Bo Haier's advanced technology, and signed technology import contracts. In the same year in October, Qingdao Refrigerator Factory has been recognized as China's last fixed a refrigerator manufacturing plant, thus unveiling a prelude to Haier Group's business. At that time, the domestic refrigerator production has been designated more than 40 plants, many of which are labeling their products as "departmental standards," with a certain degree of market competitiveness, and the imports of refrigerators have been flooding the market. Through market analysis, the plant found that while many products on the market refrigerators, but has not yet formed Chinese brand-name refrigerators, brand-name virtually synonymous with just imported goods, if the factory can be the first to create brand-name products, the market will stand invincible . Therefore, they proposed "or quit, we must do we must fight brand" slogan, established brand-name refrigerators enterprise development strategies.
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Brand Strategy is the core of high quality. Haier to understand the essence of total
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key 7 - Case 1 Haier's rise In 2005, Haier Group is...

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