Ch 02 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. What kind of...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. What kind of workplace would Henri Fayol create? How about Mary Parker Follett? How about Frederick W. Taylor? 2. Can a mathematical (quantitative) technique help a manager solve a "people" problem such as how to motivate employees or how to distribute work equitably? Explain. 3. In an e-business world, is globalization an issue? Explain. 4. "Entrepreneurship is only for small, start-up businesses." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain. 5. Would you feel more comfortable in a learning organization or in a traditional organization? Explain your choice. Log On: Internet-Based Exercise It's 10:49 p.m. and you're just sitting down at your computer to finish tomorrow's assignment for your management course, which is "Using the Internet, find five interesting facts about each of the following individuals and events that were instrumental in the development of management theories— Frederick W. Taylor, the Gilbreths, and the Hawthorne studies. Type up your facts about these early contributors to management in a bulleted list and be sure to note the URLs of the Web sites that you used." After about 45 minutes of uninterrupted Web surfing, you finish up your assignment. Or so you think! Upon closer inspection of the assignment that your professor e-mailed you after class, you notice that it also includes the following: "Find and briefly describe three Web sites for each of the following current management issues: workforce diversity, innovation, learning organizations or knowledge management, and workplace spirituality. Be sure to note the URLs of the Web sites that you find." You jump back on the Web and finish this part of the assignment. Working Together: Team-Based Exercise By this time in your life, all of you have had to work with individuals in managerial positions (or maybe you were the manager), either through work experiences or through other organizational experiences (social, hobby/interest, religious, and so forth). What do you think makes some managers
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Ch 02 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. What kind of...

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