Ch 03 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Refer to...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. Refer to Exhibit 3.3. How would a first-line manager's job differ in these two organizations? 2. Describe an effective culture for (a) a relatively stable environment and (b) a dynamic environment. 3. Classrooms have cultures. Describe your classroom culture using the seven dimensions of organizational culture. Does the culture constrain your instructor? How? 4. "Businesses are built on relationships." What do you think this statement means? What are the implications for managing the external environment? 5. What would be the drawbacks to managing stakeholder relationships through approaches such as boundary spanning, stakeholder management, and stakeholder partnering? Log On: Internet-Based Exercise Managers at Abercrombie & Fitch, the casual clothing retailer, recognize that their company's financial success hinges on sales to teens and young adults (13-year-olds to 24-year-olds). You've been hired as a consultant to tell them all about the demographics of this group. After searching the Web for information, type up a bulleted list with your findings. The more information you provide Abercrombie's managers, the more impressed they will be—and you know what that means for your performance evaluation! Be sure to note the URLs of the Web sites you use. In addition, Abercrombie's managers want a report on the Web sites of their main competitors. They're particularly interested in uncovering the corporate values being promoted by these competitors. Search the Web and write a short paragraph describing this information for Abercrombie's managers. Be sure to provide them with the URLs for each of the competitors' Web sites. Working Together: Team-Based Exercise Although all organizations face environmental constraints, the forces in their specific and general environments differ. Get into a small group with three to four other class members and choose two organizations in different industries. Identify and describe the specific and general external factors for
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Ch 03 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Refer to...

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