Ch 06 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Why is decision...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. Why is decision making often described as the essence of a manager's job? 2. How might an organization's culture influence the way managers make decisions? 3. All of us bring biases to the decisions we make. What types of biases might a manager have? What would be the drawbacks of having biases? Could there be any advantages to having biases? Explain. What are the implications for managerial decision making? 4. Would you call yourself a systematic or intuitive thinker? What are the decision-making implications of these labels? What are the implications for choosing an employer? 5. "As managers use computers and software tools more often, they'll be able to make more rational decisions." Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Why? Log On: Internet-Based Exercise Developing alternatives for making decisions often requires individuals to be creative. Using the Internet, find five sites that offer ideas on how to improve creativity. Then write two to three paragraphs explaining what role creativity should play in decision making and what you learned from your search about how you can be a more creative decision maker. Working Together: Team-Based Exercise Being effective in decision making is something that managers obviously desire. What is involved with being a good decision maker? Form groups of three to four students. Discuss your experiences making decisions—for example, buying a car or some other major purchase, choosing classes and professors, making summer or spring break plans, and so forth. Each of you should share times when you felt you made good decisions. Analyze what happened during that decision-making process that contributed to it being a good decision. Then consider some decisions that you felt were bad. What happened to make them bad? What common characteristics, if any, did you identify among the good decisions? The bad decisions? Come up with a bulleted list of practical suggestions for making good decisions. As a group, be prepared to share your list with the class.
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Ch 06 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Why is decision...

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