Ch 07 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Will planning...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. Will planning become more or less important to managers in the future? Why? 2. If planning is so crucial, why do some managers choose not to do it? What would you tell these managers? 3. Explain how planning involves making decisions today that will have an impact later. 4. How might planning in a not-for-profit organization such as the American Cancer Society differ from planning in a for-profit organization such as Coca-Cola? 5. What types of planning do you do in your personal life? Describe these plans in terms of being (a) strategic or operational, (b) short or long term, and (c) specific or directional. Log On: Internet-Based Exercise Find five organizations that have goals listed on their Web sites. These could be for-profit or not-for- profit organizations. Write down these goals (be sure to include the organization's Web site address) and evaluate them according to the characteristics of well-designed goals. Rewrite the goals that don't meet the characteristics so that they do meet them. Explain what changes you have made. Working Together: Team-Based Exercise People Power 2 , a corporate training company that markets its human resource programs to organizations around the globe, has had several requests to design a training program to teach an organization's employees how to use the Internet for researching information. This training program will then be marketed to potential corporate customers. Your team is spearheading this important project. The first thing your team has to do is identify three or four goals for each of the three stages of the project: (1) researching corporate customer needs, (2) researching the Internet for specific information sources and techniques that could be used in the training module, and (3) designing and writing specific training modules. Form small groups of three or four individuals. Complete your assigned work as described. Be sure
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Ch 07 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Will planning...

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