Ch 10 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Can an...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. Can an organization's structure be changed quickly? Why or why not? 2. Would you rather work in a mechanistic or an organic organization? Why? 3. What types of skills would a manager need to effectively work in a project structure? In a boundaryless organization? In a learning organization? 4. The boundaryless organization has the potential to create a major shift in our living and working patterns. Do you agree or disagree? Explain. 5. With the availability of advanced information technology that allows an organization's work to be done anywhere at any time, is organizing still an important managerial function? Why or why not? Log On: Internet-Based Exercise If an organizational chart (a visual drawing of an organization's structure) isn't available, an organization's choice of structural design often can be determined by reading descriptions of what it does. Find seven companies on the Web. Describe in a short paragraph what organizational structural design each is using and how you came to that conclusion Working Together: Team-Based Exercise In relatively decentralized organizations, managers must delegate (assign or turn over) authority to another person to carry out specific duties. Read through the Skills Module on Delegating. Form groups of three or four students. Your instructor will assign groups to either "effective delegating" or "ineffective delegating." Come up with a role-playing situation that illustrates your group's assignment (effective or ineffective delegating) that you will present in class. Be prepared to explain how your situation was an example of effective or ineffective delegating Case Application In the Know Buckman Laboratories, headquartered in Memphis, Tennessee, manufactures more than 1,000 specialty chemicals. The company employs over 1,300 people in 90 countries and its annual revenues exceed $300 million. Although this small, privately-held company depends on its research laboratories for the products that bring in its revenues, the whole company itself is a learning laboratory. What is it about Buckman Labs that attracts executives from AT&T, 3M, Champion International, US
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Ch 10 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Can an...

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