Ch 12 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Are there...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. Are there limits on how far a prospective employer should delve into an applicant's personal life by means of interviews or tests? Explain. 2. Should an employer have the right to choose employees without governmental interference? Support your answer. 3. Studies show that women's salaries still lag behind men's and, even with equal opportunity laws and regulations, women are paid about 79 percent of what men are paid. How would you design a compensation system that would address this issue? 4. What drawbacks, if any, do you see in implementing flexible benefits? (Consider this question from the perspectives of both the organization and the employee.) 5. What are the benefits and drawbacks of realistic job previews? (Consider this question from the perspectives of both the organization and the employee.) Log On: Internet-Based Exercise The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) handles all aspects of ensuring that employees (current and potential) have equal access and opportunity in employment. How does an individual file an EEOC charge? Research the procedure an employee must follow in filing an EEOC charge. Write down the main steps. Also, the EEOC keeps summary statistics on sexual harassment cases. Research the following: How many sexual harassment cases have been filed during the last three years for which data are available? How many cases were settled? What monetary benefits have been awarded? What guidelines are suggested for dealing with sexual harassment? Put this information into a bulleted list format. Working Together: Team-Based Exercise You work as director of human resources for a gift registry Web site based in St. Paul, Minnesota. Your company currently has 30 employees, but due to the popularity of your Web site, the company is growing rapidly. To handle customer demand, at least 30 additional employees are going to be needed in the next three months. In filling those positions, the company's CEO is committed to increasing employee diversity because she feels that diverse employees will add unique perspectives on the types of gift services provided by the company. She's asked you to head up a team to propose some specific practices for recruiting diverse individuals. Form teams of three or four class members. Identify specific steps that your company can take to
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Ch 12 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. Are there...

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