Ch 13 - Thinking About Management Issues 1 Can a low-level...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. Can a low-level employee be a change agent? Explain your answer. 2. Innovation requires allowing people to make mistakes. However, being wrong too many times can be damaging to one's career. Do you agree? Why or why not? What are the implications for nurturing innovation? 3. How are opportunities, constraints, and demands related to stress? Give an example of each. 4. Planned change is often thought to be the best approach to take in organizations. Can unplanned change ever be effective? Explain. 5. Organizations typically have limits to how much change they can absorb. As a manager, what signs would you look for that might suggest that your organization has exceeded its capacity to change? Log On: Internet-Based Exercise Change is a given for most organizations. What types of changes do they make? Find five examples of organizations that have made significant changes in the past year. Discuss the change by describing the type of change and what managers did to manage the change. Has the change impacted organizational performance? How? Because organizational changes may involve major issues, managers often decide to hire outside organizational change consultants to assist in the change effort. Find five companies whose primary business is helping organizations manage change. What common characteristics, if any, did you find in the programs these companies offer? Working Together: Team-Based Exercise Stress is something that all of us face, and college students, particularly, may have extremely stressful lives. How do you recognize when you're under a lot of stress? What do you do to deal with that stress? Form teams of three or four students. Each person in the group should describe how he or she knows when he or she is under a lot of stress. What symptoms does each person show? Make a list of these symptoms and categorize them. Then each person should also describe things that he or she has found to be particularly effective in dealing with stress. Make a list of these stress-handling techniques. Out of that list, identify your top three stress reducers and be prepared to share these with the class. Case Application Reading Between the Lines Reader's Digest . You may not admit to reading it, but you've undoubtedly seen the undersized magazine at your grandparents' house or in the waiting room at your doctor's office. It's the world's number-one general-interest magazine, translated into 19 languages for over 100 million readers worldwide. The Reader's Digest Association, Inc. publishes Reader's Digest in addition to books, music, videos, TV movies, and special-interest magazines. The company's products are marketed through well-targeted direct mailings and an extensive consumer database that's considered one of the
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world's best. Even with some significant operational and marketing strengths, the company has struggled through difficult times. In the mid-1990s, revenues and profits in key businesses were
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Ch 13 - Thinking About Management Issues 1 Can a low-level...

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