Ch 14 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. How, if at all,...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. How, if at all, does the importance of knowledge of OB differ based on a manager's level in the organization? Be specific. 2. "A growing number of companies are now convinced that people's ability to understand and to manage their emotions improves their performance, their collaboration with peers, and their interaction with customers." What are the implications of this statement for managers? 3. What behavioral predictions might you make if you knew that an employee had (a) an external locus of control, (b) a low Mach score, (c) low self-esteem, or (d) high self- monitoring tendencies? 4. "Managers should never use discipline with a problem employee." Do you agree or disagree? Discuss. 5. In the winter of 2000–01, unemployment was at a 30-year low. Managers realized that they had to do more than pay employees competitive salaries and give them attractive benefits if they wanted to keep them. They also had to be nice. A Gallup poll showed that most workers rated having a caring boss even higher than they valued money or fringe benefits. How should managers interpret this information? What are the implications? Log On: Internet-Based Exercise Do workers in different countries have differing levels of job satisfaction? Find the best and latest data that describe the level of job satisfaction in (a) the United States, (b) Canada, (c) Japan, and (d) Australia. What conclusions can you draw from these data? Working Together: Team-Based Exercise When we use shortcuts to judge others, are the consequences always negative? Form teams of three to four students. Your instructor will assign each class team either to "yes, the consequences are always
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Ch 14 - Thinking About Management Issues 1. How, if at all,...

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