Ch 15 - Thinking About Management Issues 1 Think of a group...

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Thinking About Management Issues 1. Think of a group to which you belong (or have belonged). Trace its development through the stages of group development shown in Exhibit 15.2. How closely did its development parallel the group development model? How might the group development model have been used to improve the group's effectiveness? 2. How do you think scientific management theorists would react to the increased reliance on teams in organizations? How would the behavioral science theorists react? 3. How do you explain the popularity of work teams in the United States when its culture places such high value on individualism and individual effort? 4. Why might a manager want to stimulate conflict in a group or team? How could conflict be stimulated? 5. Do you think that everyone should be expected to be a team player, given the trends we're seeing in the use of teams? Discuss. Log On: Internet-Based Exercise 1. Work teams are popular in U.S. organizations. Does this popularity extend to organizations in other countries? Research the use of work teams in organizations in Mexico, Australia, Sweden, and Japan. In what countries are work teams used the most? What types of work teams seem to be popular in these countries? 2. Identify three organizations that specialize in team building, team facilitation, or team development. What types of programs do these organizations offer? How are they similar? How are they different? Which of the programs do you think would be most effective? Why? Working Together: Team-Based Exercise What happens when groups are presented with a task that must be completed within a certain time frame? Does the group exhibit characteristics of the stages of group development? Can the group
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Ch 15 - Thinking About Management Issues 1 Think of a group...

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